09 January 2015

it's cold. it's winter. i love it!

Along with you, unless you're enjoying summertime on the planet somewhere, it's been verrrryyyyy cold this week! The kind of cold that makes you walk extra fast if outside and when the wind blows, yea - downright hurts your face. All the hats, scarves and mittens have been on the ready and boots have piled up near the door once again. I love winter. That said, I love a heated home too and the shelter that awaits after being out in the elements. We had maybe 3" of snow fall beginning of the week and it's lingered on the ground rather than melting away. Makes for a pretty scene, while we're nestled inside with hot chocolates board games and tea ...  AND knitting.

I've discovered a new audio podcast called Woolful and it's a unique style and most educational for the yarny folk like me. I highly recommend you check it out! There is a knitalong in the podcast's Ravelry group for a design called Nordic Wind, and I have fallen in love with it. I had seen the shawl design a few months back, but stored it in my wanna-make-someday-list with others until last night when it became a new work-in-progress! 
Have a lovely week-end!


  1. Lovely post - will pop over and have a peep x

  2. Love that blog! Can't wait to read through the previous posts. Any idea what pattern that cowl is?

    Linda in VA

  3. Linda! That mustard-yellow cowl I think you're talking about it a design by Bristol Ivy: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/windrow