24 January 2015

knitting, and always Jane Austen

How I wished I lived in a Jane Austen nove!
-Dodie Smith.
 - - -
Last night I watched Sense and Sensibility. Again. And still not enough. The version with Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson is my favorite. Some of my favorite scenes:

-Marianne singing and Col. Brandon walking in, being captivated by her.
-Elinor's shawl falling while she and Edward are out walking, he picks it up and hands it back to her.
-Elinor watching Margaret and Edward playing with wooden swords as Elinor writes at her desk by the window.
-Candlelight and the dancing.
-ALL the hats!

This morning was a quiet, but early one. Normally a tea drinker, coffee called to me and was most enjoyable. Knitting on my Brattleboro hat and loving Orchid Hazel Knits Cadence yarn!


  1. Sounds like a lovely start to your day!

  2. Perfect - I too love the Emma Thompson one - I adore Col. Brandon in this xx

  3. I adore that quote! Your hat is looking so pretty and the yarn is yummy! Blessings always

  4. Hi Tanya! Oh.... Val and I love that version of Sense and Sensibility too, we adore Col. Brandon, especially the scene you mentioned <3

    Can we join you in Jane Austen land???

  5. I love this version of Sense and Sensibility. It's one of my all time favorites.

    I sometimes wish were were back in those times just so I could wear those hats. I would have tons of them. I love hats.

    Your hat will be pretty with that yarn.

  6. Tanya hi, I love this version of S&S too. I especially love the character of their younger sister, Margaret :-)
    A few days ago I got out all my Jane Austen charts to choose a pattern to stitch for a mutual JA loving friend who has a birthday coming up soon and the act of looking through my charts, choosing my threads and linen and starting to stitch brought on a dvd watching session. Having read your post S&S seemed the perfect one to start with. It never fails to delight :-)