18 March 2015

oh, to travel

Good Morning!
It's Wednesday, right? Ever have one of those weeks when the days just blur into one another and you never know what day it really is? I have a sneaking suspicion it's actually Thursday but the calender says Wednesday. It was a terribly windy night ~ the kind of blustery kind that keeps one awake. I had gone to bed early and woke before midnight, thinking it was morning. You see where this is going. Those are the best sleeps though ~ when you realize that the whole night is still before you to slumber. However, the wind was distracting and it became a restless night. Maybe I slept right through Wednesday and it's Thursday after all? 

My brother and sister in law left for Paris yesterday and already this morning I've seen pictures of their hotel room with a view of the Eiffel Tower. Yes, I know. I'm not jealous at all. Nope. Not at all. My dryer isn't working so I'm hanging laundry up to dry in the bathroom and the kitty litter needs to be changed and it's just about time to queue up in the school drop off lane so yep, not jealous at all. Never been to Paris. I do love chocolate croissants. I bet they taste better there.

My husband and oldest went to Canada for a long weekend recently and while again, I stay at home, I was fortunate to have them bring me back two skeins of Canadian wool. It is gorgeous. I want to eat it. But I won't. Think I'll stop by Starbucks for a chocolate croissant. 

Where are you? Where do you want to go?


  1. Love the look of the new blog

    1. I"ve been to Paris, and yes the croissants do taste better there! Hope you get to visit some day. Me, i would love to go to Norway or Austria, both on the to visit list :-)
      Have fun playing with the new yarn :-)

  2. To the beach :D
    The wool look wonderful. Enjoy!