27 April 2015

gratitude / love your blog

My goodness, we're in the last week of April ~ hard to imagine. Wasn't it just January? This month I've been participating in the thoughtful blog prompts from a playful day's love your blog challenge- the last one is on Gratitude.
- - -
What does it mean?
How can you feel it?
How do you show it?
How do you give it?

Being gracious. Thankful. Truly, truly thankful. Blessed. Knowing that you are loved. Believing that you are worthy.

Putting yourself behind and letting someone else go forward. It's hard to do and see in this world, this big wide world of people. All rushing around to get somewhere, do something, be someone. But it's always so refreshing to encounter a fellow human being putting you first in a line, letting you go before them in traffic, or getting a thank you in a quick smile when words aren't necessary. Helping each other out, strangers or not, is vital.

There's a feeling. Something within that makes you stop a minute, savour the thought, the gift, the token of assistance, trivial or monumental. It makes you grateful. Gives you a warm sense of hope and in turn you want to share it, show others than you care, that you are grateful for them, even people you will never see again. By doing good things for others, this flower of thankfulness blooms on. Opens your eyes to things you might have been closed to before. I think that's a flower that should be in everyone's lifegarden. After all, grace comes in the thanks-giving.

Gardening is an instrument of grace.
-May Sarton.