10 April 2015

#TSGMyChildhoodThings / child's dress by Ruth Scharf

I don't have many clothes from my childhood but this particular 100% cotton (the best kind of cotton - super soft - like cotton they don't even make anymore) sundress has lasted and not been lost, thank goodness. Oh, I loved it so much and remember wearing it quite often. The label says Ruth Scharf Ltd. and when I did a google search on the brand, I came up with this interesting article on the designer. The frilly bottom of the dress has just enough pleats at the blue ribboned trim to add a whimsy to the swishing that most little girls do. Did I say I loved this dress? :)

Do you have a favorite thing from childhood? I'd love to see it! Take a picture of it and hashtag it #TSGMyChildhoodThings for Instagram and I'll be sure to have a look -- there are several who have posted some of their vintage favorites, so you are welcome to join in the fun down memory lane.
Happy Friday.

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