22 May 2015

new podcast epsiode #lost track / New design, British & Scottish yarns, Outlander love from a knitter ...

Happy Friday!
Today on The Sampler Girl podcast I talk about my new knitting design entitled My Heart, My Love (Mo Chride, Mo Gradh) as well as show all the yarny souvenirs that my mom brought back for me from her trip to England and Scotland this month!! It's a fun show so I hope you tune in for a listen xx

Show Notes
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Loop in London
Ginger Twist Studio in Edinburgh, Scotland

UK Outlandish Gathering in Crieff, Scotland

Skippinish, Scottish Group that performed at UK Outlandish Gathering, May 2015


  1. Great! I'm having an "episode" over this podcast and am an Outlander fan. Love it. Your mom is such a sweetie to bring you all these wonderful gifts. :-) Have a great weekend! ♥

  2. your shawl is gorgeous! And oh my, all that awsome yarn... you have good taste!