13 July 2015

Poldark ... do you watch it?

Ross Poldark loved Elizabeth.
Ross went away to fight.
Elizabeth found another guy - Francis, Poldark's cousin.
Ross returns.
Elizabeth marries. Has baby.
Demelza became Poldark's scullery kitchen maid.
Verity found love.
Verity lost love. Will she get him back?
Poldark married Demelza.

Now it's getting good!

Tune in to PBS Sunday nights (thru August 2) and be swooned!


  1. It's a great show. Totally hooked. Speaking of hooked. Did you happen to catch last episode of where Ross says, "I don't require my wife to crochet and sip tea but I do require...." Yep, that got me to thinking of all the things that Demelza would crochet...and I could easily see Verity being a crocheter...teaching her to crochet. Here's the link. https://youtu.be/2dAjDhJjJ00

  2. simplyjune.org goes thru episode 8
    Have you watched it all?!

  3. Aidan Turner and Eleanor Tomlinson, perfect! The overall all production is beautiful and sumptuous! A must watch!

  4. Why have so many of these British TV shows been highjacked by Americans trying to make a fast buck?