24 February 2016

2 shawls // fini!

Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, 
and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either.
::Elizabeth Zimmermann
- - -
Another rainy day here. Birds aren't visible for the most part, as they're keeping dry somewhere nearby; their little chirp song is playing in the wet air. This morning I was happy to see both shawls that I washed & blocked yesterday were ready to come off the blocking pins. They are lovely and I'm so pleased with the end results.

First up is, Highland Peaks Shawl. This was a most enjoyable knit with the yarns I chose, Miss Babs 2ply in colorway Joan of Arc for the body of shawl + Hazel Knits Artisan Sock in colorway Cabbage Rose, to be lush yarns of top quality and both colors married wonderfully. The Miss Babs washed exceptionally well, creating a divine fabric. Hazel Knits for the edging has a different feel somewhat and well, the color is so cheerful and picks up the pink touches in the other yarn. The only problem I had with this pattern was following the chevron rows in the edging. The first one was fine but somewhere along the way in the second repeat, I got distracted or just too fast, missing a row or perhaps duplicating a part of the pattern repeat - whatever it was made the chevrons not as pronounced and 'line up' where they should have. The third repeat of chevrons came back on track but it doesn't have the overall precision as the designer's model for this part of the design. It's fine with me - of course I do wish they did line up but I'm pleased as punch with it anyway - such a gorgeous design by Mina. The format for this pattern was excellent and very easy to follow ... it was clearly user error on my part for the section I mentioned. The shawl is large, measuring so will be a cozy one to wear year round, especially in Spring!

Secondly is, Maya's Shawl.
This design struck me as one I HAD to do from the get-go. It's beautiful lacyness worked on bulkier weight yarn was most appealing to me. The yarn I picked for this project was interesting and turned out fine but not my favorite. Quarry in colorway Sulphur from Brooklyn Tweed - it's a heavier weight from their popular Shelter line. I love the color!!!! It is about the color of cat's eyes, such a muted, relaxing green shade. The leafy lacy edging is quite lush and cascades at a great length down the middle of back. I love how this shawl, another big one measuring, is quite simplistic yet unique to itself. It will most likely be reserved as one of my favorite bedtime shawls - the ones I tend to wrap up in instead of a robe when the nights get chilly.

I'm not the most patient blocker but blocking most knits is quite necessary, especially for shawls. I'm always glad when it's time for them to be un-pinned and moved into the handknit collection to be worn and loved.


  1. Both shawls are lovely. You did an awesome job. I know they will keep you warm during these crazy weather days. :)

  2. I've been eyeing both of these patterns - especially the one done in bulky yarn. I just started blocking my items in the past year and a half. I don't pin - I just lay them out and pat them down. Works fine for me. And the knitted items look so much better after blocking!

    Linda in VA

  3. Beautiful shawls and yarn colors!

  4. Oh my they are beautiful and I love the colours xx