13 February 2016


Last night I rediscovered that I own an Oster bread machine. It was hidden in the back of a kitchen cabinet - out of sight, out of mind ... that's how I find kitchen gadgets from time to time and fall in love with them all over again!

I had this donut recipe printed out and tucked in my recipe cookbook and had never tried it so today was the day. Going to bed, I thought I'd get up early, prepare the dough in the machine and we'd have warm donuts for breakfast. In reality ... I woke up mid morning, it is Saturday in winter!, and clearly it was too big a task to just ... make happen for breakfast! It became an afternoon activity and then an early evening treat when all was said and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. I won't be making donuts often but these sure were simple and the result is delicious. I didn't have powder sugar because that would have been a good coating as well. About to have my evening cup of tea ... and a donut!

Click HERE for the recipe!


  1. Looks good! If I weren't 'iced in', I'd be making a Krispy Kreme run!

  2. Oh now I want Krispy Kreme ... and it's 1:30AM. Thanks for that lol Their hot ones are calling .....