14 March 2016

NEW Jane Austen-inspired cross stitch !!

Good Morning! It's a grey, damp Monday morning here so I'm excited to post about some cheerful, colorful, happy things. There are now FIVE new Jane Austen-inspired patterns available on the website / www.samplergirlstudio.com / I hope you like them! I'm positively wild for them as I adore Jane Austen's words on fabric and displayed around my home. Please check out the website for details on each design.

No 1 Jane Austen, on blushing
No 2 Jane Austen, on a bad hair day
No 3 Jane Austen, on Mrs. Darcy
No 4 Jane Austen, on nothing but tea 
No 5 Jane Austen, to Eleanor's Room!

These patterns are available from me in PDF Pattern Download; paper chart paks will be sent later this week to distributors. Any questions? Just pop over to ask here or via the site.

Gather JOY!
/ tanya /


  1. So glad you are designing Jane Austen patterns again!! They are my favorite pieces to stitch!!!