25 March 2015

#TSGMyChildhoodThings / Kate Greenaway

Grey. Rainy. Cold. That about sums it up for this Wednesday morning. Oh, and cozy!

A few days ago on Instagram, I posted a picture of one of my favorite things. from my childhood. It's a small, oval Kate Greenaway purse with a snap for closure and at one time it had a long strap but I recall snipping it off (eek!) years back because I wanted to use it inside my purse and clearly didn't need the long handle anymore. As a child, I used to love to carry it about, over my shoulder and within it would be lip balm (which I pretended was lipstick) and I think a mini little notebook. My Mom bought this darling treasure for me when I was maybe five years old. I am beyond giddy that I have it 40 years later. It is so very special to me. The fabrics have aged through the decades but the print is still very clear and can I tell you that it's super soft, after much tender use.

I'll be posting another special item from my childhood on Instagram in a few days. There is a hashtag #TSGMyChildhoodThings so you can post yours as well ~ several have added theirs and it is such a delight to see these dear things. Find a special thing from your childhood, and share it on Instagram, tag it so I can see it and capture a piece of your younger self!

- - -
(Catherine) Kate Greenaway was born March 17, 1846. Her premier book, Under the Willow, in 1879, was a collection of simple verses about children and soon became a bestseller. Her work as an English artist and book illustrator secures a unique endearment to children's literature.

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