07 April 2015

a glimpse at spring break here

 new yarn
 naps, for all
 tea journal

 Easter lunch at Gadsby's Tavern
 a trifle beyond any other


  1. I LOVE Cath Kidston and I LOVE your tea journal!!!! I'm just starting to drink tea so would love to hear how you make yours etc... Love your cat and new yarn and your podcasts!!!!!

  2. Thank you, Heather! I sure wish I had started a tea journal awhile back but there's nothing like the present, right? :) It's basically just a little notebook (yes, Cath Kidston rocks!!) that I've written down some tea quotes as I come across them as well as drawing a bit with colored pencils ... taping in tea bag wrappers as I try the teas and making notes how I liked the teas and any special notes I want to mention about the tea. It will really help in future buying!