06 May 2016

the stretchy bind off

When I don't add the picot bind off to shawls (because it takes FOREVER and not every shawl needs it), I tend to work the stretchy bind off method as it gives exactly what it says ... a stretch!, which is ideal for shawls. This bind off can be achieved by: *K2tgbl (Knit together in the back loop), place that stitch back on left needle and repeat * to end.

Today I finished my second MKAL On the Moors with Jane Eyre and this one is with Green Mountain Spinnery worsted, colorway Blue Bayou. It took 1 1/2 skeins and is the loveliest of blues. It's raining, again!, so the light is awful for picture taking however the above picture shows the color closer than the picture below. I'll snap another when it's fully blocked and when the sun is out!

Happy Friday. xx

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  1. will you be at the Jane Austen Symposium this summer in North Carolina?