09 June 2016

playing catch up!

I have managed to restore the blog files and voila!, it's back online sooooo huzzah!
I'm playing catch up but here are some visuals of recent days worth.

Her Thoughts, a Jane Austen Sampler
NEW design available on The Sampler Girl website
Model & photo by Mary Kathryn Peter 

The weekly farmer's market visit yielded a delicious farmhouse-made apple turnover for brekkie one morning plus juicy summer ripe tomatoes that donned, with salt & pepper, some biscuits later in the week.

Bookclub pick for June is When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi. Quite a thoughtful and  moving memoir written by a brave neurosurgeon who was stricken with cancer; his pages of tender reflection live on in place of him. There were several passages which I did skim over as they were Physican-minded but otherwise, it is a very easy read.

Knitting occurs any day with a y in it ... usually. And the summer weather has been absolitely gorgeous / almost Fall-like recently, but warmer days are coming, like this afternoon. It was quite warm yet I was working away on yet another wool shawl that I can't wear for several months time but well, it's just so fun to knit. I'm participating in A Knitter's Life Podcast's Miss Marple KAL; this design is simply called Miss Marple Shawl; it is mindless knitting and keeps me company as of late. The darling progress stitch marker is from my mom; it is too cute!!

I promise it won't be a month till I write again ... gather JOY in the meanwhile.

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